AFT Flooring Solutions supply from a wide variety of manufacturers including all available styles of carpet from excellent value man-made to the best 80/20 and 100% wool carpets. 


80/20 Twist carpets are excellent quality hard wearing carpets due to their dense piles so they’re an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as stairs, keeping their unworn look for longer than man-made styles. Man-made carpets tend to be available in a wider variety of bolder colours than wool carpets, generally stain resistant making them great for family life and rental properties. Saxony style carpet is a much longer pile for a soft luxurious look and feel. Striped carpets are a popular choice for a modern look, and look especially effective on stairways.



artificial lawn

This product is gaining popularity and has a variety of uses, great outside for a low maintenance garden or dining area adding colour.

Different colour distribution and textures are available for realistic looking lawns, we can bring samples to you just like we do with carpet.








































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